How Vegan

How Vegan


Nevertheless… The question to ask ourselves should not be ‘Is it easy?’, nor ‘Is it convenient?’, but ‘Is it right?’

Being vegan happens to be far easier than many of our other moral duties and commitments, but the fact that some of us may find it inconvenient to replace the products of violence with vegan alternatives doesn’t absolve us of our obligation to do so. Living without harming others for a taste, a trinket, a thrill is not a personal choice. It’s simply the right thing to do.

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Thankfully, living as a vegan, especially for those of us in the developed world, is much, much easier than it is commonly perceived to be. During the past several years, vegan recipe blogs and Facebook pages have proliferated into the hundreds, if not thousands. Both the number and the variety of vegan items available in stores and online are increasing annually. New vegan businesses are opening and thriving more than ever, including cafes, bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, online boutiques, and even retreat centers and B&Bs. In an increasing number of locations, there are now entire grocery stores that stock nothing but vegan products.

Yes, there’s never been a better time. And as the demand for vegan alternatives grows, it’s only going to get even easier.

For some people thinking about veganism, the idea is inextricably interlinked with the idea of ‘giving things up’: giving up the pleasure of one’s favorite foods or restaurants, giving up cherished items of clothing, bedding or furniture, giving up certain social experiences, and perhaps even giving up friendships and connections with those who are attached to their current perception of animals. There certainly is an initial adjustment period, during which new habits are established, and the new vegan learning to read ingredient labels might be surprised or even shocked to learn where certain animal products find their way into our lives.

But each time we pass up a non-vegan item in favor of a vegan alternative (or even in favor of no alternative, as many of us have done many a time) we can feel strengthened by our knowledge that we have not sacrificed our covenant with the animals for something as trivial as taste, habit, comfort, or convenience.

And as the vegan movement continues to thrive, we are rewarded for our commitment with ever more delicious and abundant vegan food, an ever-increasing availability of animal-free clothing, and the appearance on the market of a growing range of vegan products of every kind, from milks and cheeses to art supplies, garden supplies, and more.

The vegan community is expanding all over the world. In many urban locations, there are groups who meet for potlucks and social events, especially on occasions such as Thanksgiving, when many are seeking an alternative to traditional gatherings focused on the consumption of animal parts. Even for those who don’t live near a city, the growing popularity of online venues is making it increasingly easy to reach others who have rejected their social conditioning in favor of a kinder, gentler, more peaceful way of life.

Our suggestion to people who are not 100% confident about their commitment to vegan living is to do everything you can to educate yourself about why you are making this change.

Read about it, learn about it, and keep reading and learning until you reach the point where the products of animal slavery no longer appeal to you.

Once you really understand the reasons for being vegan, there is no social challenge that will make you question your resolve, and no degree of pressure will cause you to be tempted to break your commitment.

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