BFBV campaigns 2019

BFBV campaigns 2019


Press Coverage Montreal

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The campaign's reach was significantly extended thanks to widespread (and persistent) media coverage. As seen in slides 6 and 7, the campaign was still being discussed in the press three weeks after the Berri Station installation came down. Please note: coverage from vegan media outlets is not included.

Click here for a translation of the 'Le Telejournal' segment

Click here for a translation of the unedited commentary about the campaign
by animal ethics expert Valéry Giroux

Click here for a translation of the 'On Va Se Le Dire' segment

Click here for a translation of the 'La Presse' article by Jean-François Labonté

BFBV Actions Montreal

The amazing Montreal team deserve a special shoutout for their hard work, dedication, dependability, enthusiasm, support, efficiency, and overall awesomeness. They not only executed a total of six BFBV vigils to coincide with the campaign, but each event was already planned, organized and announced on social media as early as September 2nd!



St. George Station Domination

Yonge Eglinton / Yonge Sheppard Center

Flexity Streetcar Wrap